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What Is Content Marketing & Why You Need It

Driven by technology we’ve entered an era where we’re inundated by brands and their ads. So if we’re inundated by brands ads how does a company stand out, differentiate with all this noise? Gone are the days where we solely rely on TV, radio, and print advertising to reach consumers. This digital landscape allows us to reach consumers anywhere, at anytime, and with any message we want to deliver. As business owners we’ve learned that it’s becoming more challenging to drive sales on social media platforms. The challenge in social is that so many of our consumers are on these platforms so it makes no sense for us not to be there in some fashion. So in steps content marketing.

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We use content marketing to entertain and inform consumers on our brands. Unless you have the budget for ads and a good strategy content marketing and content curation is the best way to approach your social marketing. You have to have a consistent voice which let’s consumers know that you’re there. This top of mind consciousness keeps you in the consideration set when it’s time to make a buying decision.  If you’re not investing in ads and a real social strategy then you should view content marketing as a digital billboard that promotes your brand.

Content Curation & Why It Should Matter To You


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