Vidyard Gains Momentum Among Marketo Users

More than 100 customers now using Vidyard’s integration into Marketo to track video engagement data and turn viewers into customers KITCHENER, Ontario – December 2, 2015 – Vidyard, the leading video marketing and analytics platform, today announced it has surpassed the … Read More

Video Marketing How-To: Add Video to Your Email Campaigns

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How to Use Photoshop: The Ultimate Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

When you open Photoshop for the first time, it’s easy to click around in confusion for a minute and then reach for your freelancer’s phone number instead. Trust us, you’re not alone in this. It’s an incredibly powerful design software … Read More

The Anatomy of an Optimized Marketing Email [Infographic]

For email marketers, the inbox is a battlefield. Chances are, the folks on your email lists are receiving promotional emails not just from you, but from a lot of different businesses. Whether they open your emails depends on a lot … Read More

The Kurt Vonnegut Guide to Great Copywriting: 8 Rules That Apply to Anyone

While he was known best for his novels, Kurt Vonnegut also knew a thing or two about copywriting. That’s what dawned on me after reading “How to Write with Style,” an essay Vonnegut published in the 1985 anthology, How to Use the … Read More

Improve Your Content’s Performance by Improving Your Content Experience

Content marketers are always trying to figure out ways to make their content better. We spend hours tweaking headlines, experimenting with content length, and trying to come up with mind-blowing content ideas, all in the hope that we can snag … Read More

12 Businesses With Fantastic LinkedIn Company Pages

Over the past several years, LinkedIn quickly evolved from a cocktail party for recruiters and job seekers to something much more substantial: an epicenter for content — particularly branded content. LinkedIn’s evolution began in May 2012 with the acquisition of … Read More

True Confessions: Are You Guilty of These Marketing & Sales Pitfalls? [Video]

Sometimes, it’s really tempting to cut corners. It’s the end of the month. You’ve got an aggressive goal to hit. Will anyone really be that mad if you buy that list or make a couple cold calls? You promise — it’s just … Read More

10 To-Do List Tools to Simplify Your Task Management

You know the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? That’s how I feel about to-do lists. After all, how you track your tasks depends entirely on the person. Are you looking for a simple interface, or are you hoping to color-code … Read More

AdWords Optimization Made Easy With These 3 AdWords Workouts [gifographics]

Ready, set, grow. Image by Ryan McGuire via The Stocks. Have you ever heard about the 10,000 hour rule? It’s a rule that Malcolm Gladwell coined that says in order to be really good at something, you have to put … Read More

Why We Unsubscribed 250K People From HubSpot’s Marketing Blog & Started Sending Less Email

A few weeks ago, we deliberately unsubscribed 250,000 people from HubSpot’s Marketing Blog — people who had opted in to receive emails about new content we published on the blog. This subscriber purge brought our total subscriber count from 550,000 down … Read More

7 Video Marketing Best Practices Worth Fighting For

It boosts email click-through rates and on-page conversions. But let’s face it, building a strong video marketing strategy and integrating it with the rest of your marketing activities is no easy feat. So how can you make the most of … Read More

Featured Integrations: December 2015

You know that thing Ned Stark warned us about? It’s here. We’re in the full swing of the holiday season, and things have been rather eventful around here. Since we know you’re on a time crunch, we’ll get right down … Read More

How Agencies Can Use Branded Content Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd

As an agency, you spend much of your time thinking about how to spread awareness about your client’s brand — but how much time do you spend doing the same for your agency? At first glance, your offerings may appear very … Read More

How Effective Managers Organize Their Time: 9 Pro Tips From Real HubSpot Managers

Time management is one of the hardest parts of a manager’s job. Whether you’re managing a team, an asset of the company, or both, it’s difficult to balance your own output and the needs of your team. Finding this balance … Read More

The Dirty Truth Behind 60-Second Videos

For some reason, almost every video pro I talk to today is obsessed with video length. You put together a script over 60-seconds and they go into cardiac arrest. The problem is everyone “knows” that attention spans are short and … Read More

Forrester Claims Marketing Content Not Relevant for Sales Teams, Customers

“If ‘mobile-first’ is the new rallying cry for digital design, then ‘sales-first’ should be the mantra by which marketing delivers and distributes content.” – Laura Ramos, Forrester Analyst Research released by Forrester this month found some shocking information about sales’ use … Read More

47 Compelling Stats to Inform Your Holiday Marketing Strategy [SlideShare]

This year, the holiday shopping season looks promising for both B2C and B2B retailers. According to predictions from eMarketer, U.S. sales are expected to increase 5.7% year-over-year, reaching $885.70 billion. For ecommerce retailers, the year-over-year increase jumps to 13.9%, totaling $79.5 billion. Read the … Read More

Social Media for Homebuilders: 10 Great Brands to Follow

As Marketers, we strive to write valuable content, stand out from our competitors and target our audience in a unique and creative way. Leveraging social media is a great way to achieve all three of those goals. However, if your … Read More

16 Creative Email Subject Lines To Help You Restart Stalled Conversations

This post originally appeared on HubSpot’s Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. Business emails: Easy to send, difficult to perfect. Professionals receive an average of 88 business-related emails a day, according to the Radicati Group’s 2015 Email Statistics … Read More